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The 2014-15 Marching Grey Ghosts
'Love Is Louder Than...'

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Illinois Valley Central H.S.
1300 W. Sycamore St.
Chillicothe, IL 61523
Matt Chapman
Kim Tegg
Timm Higus
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For Seniors ...

Fall 2013
1000 Wishes
Fall 2012
Fall 2011
The Rise and Fall of Rome

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Coverage of the 2014 Performance Season for Illinois Valley Central


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Sep 13 by Paul Katula ... Nice show! By way of what I hope will be constructive criticism, the narration needs to be given the prominence that it deserves in the show. It sounds too much like it's being read and not like poetry or pronouncement. The words, though a little on the everyday side for a show—e.g., "They may just be having a bad day"—should still be treated more like poetry, as the integral part of the show they are.

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On the Books ...

2014 Festival Appearances
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BOA St. Louis
Festival start time 12:00pm
IL State U
On Oct 11, Prelim Total: 63.15
First Place, Cl. 1A
Best Music, Cl. 1A
Best Visuals, Cl. 1A
Best General Effect, Cl. 1A
Crowd-pleaser Award, Cl. 1A
On Oct 4, Total: 69.3
Second Place, Cl. 3A
On Sep 27, Total: 66.05
Second Place, Cl. 2A
Outstanding Winds, Cl. 2A
Outstanding Percussion, Cl. 2A
On Sep 20, Total: 72.2
Second Place, Cl. 3A
Best Winds, Cl. 3A
Best Percussion, Cl. 3A
On Sep 13, Total: 125.6
On Sep 6, Total: 53.9
Best Auxiliary, Cl. 4A

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Quick Notes
Based on Romeo and Juliet

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