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The 2014-15 Marching Huskies
'End Zone'

Band Information

Naperville North H.S.
899 N. Mill St.
Naperville, IL 60563-8998
Dan Moore
Donald Stinson
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Fall 2013
Auto Show
Fall 2012
A Festivus Celebration
Fall 2011

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Coverage of the 2014 Performance Season for Naperville North


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Oct 4 by Paul Katula ... Very high entertainment value here. I want to give special mention to the quality of the dramatic acting on the field. Look, it's not easy to tell a story and convey emotion in a performance when you can't even say any words, but Naperville North's auxiliary does just that. And folks, the coming together at the end, where military people dance with science nerds, touches me in a special way. And if you're going to dance, you want to dance big, inside a heart-shaped marching band, just as it happens here.

Sep 13 by Paul Katula ... Spaceships fly across the field from right to left right after a fairly traditional opener. Then scientists in white lab coats discuss something with a woman dressed in a business suit. And a military dance soloist, who doesn't seem to appreciate whatever the scientist has in mind, brings troops. But in the end, a heart-shaped formation and harmonious cadences bring all parties together in another very thematic show from NNHS.

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On the Books ...

2014 Festival Appearances
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BOA Indy Regional
Festival start time 12:00pm
IL State U
On Oct 11, Prelim Total: 66.9
On Oct 4, Total: 68.5
Third Place, Cl. 2A
Wheaton North
On Sep 27, Total: 65.2
Third Place, Cl. 2A
Best General Effect, Cl. 2A
Lake Park
On Sep 13, Prelims: 60.4

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Quick Notes
The Final Frontier, Weird Science, Relatively Unnecessary Romantic Subplots, When Worlds Collide.

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