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The 2014-15 Marching Hornets

Band Information

Eureka H.S.
200 W. Cruger
Eureka, IL 61530
Todd Stalter
Denise Quitschau (asst)
Kari Marino
Shane Rocke
Drum Majors
Anna Williamson
Catherine Argo
Band Size
About 71

For Seniors ...

Fall 2013
Tangents Angular
Fall 2012
On the Edge
Fall 2011
Altered States

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Band Web Site
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Coverage of the 2014 Performance Season for Eureka High School


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Oct 11 by Paul Katula ... At 7:03 AM, the Voxitatis firewall detected activity that it said resembled phishing activity on a URL associated with Box 5 Media, which is expected to webcast the ISU contest today. Plus, no secure socket layer is provided to allow sign-up for Box 5's website, and personally identifying information is requested over a non-secure layer. We therefore regret that we are unable to cover the festival. We urge you to use caution in providing any information on websites that are known to engage in phishing-like activity. Furthermore, we note, once again, the complete disregard for Internet safety on the part of the people who select vendors for Illinois State University, Normal.

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On the Books ...

2014 Festival Appearances
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Downers South
Performed at 4:00pm
No Report Yet
U of IL - Champaign
On Oct 18, Total: 68
IL State U
On Oct 11, Prelim Total: 55.6
Normal West
On Sep 20, Total: 54.05
First Place, Cl. 1A
Best Music, Cl. 1A
Best Visuals, Cl. 1A
Best General Effect, Cl. 1A
Best Winds, Cl. 1A
Best Percussion, Cl. 1A
Best Auxiliary, Cl. 1A
On Sep 13, Total: 125.8
First Place, Cl. 2A
Class 1A/2A Champion
Best Auxiliary, Cl. 2A
Best Winds, Cl. 2A
On Sep 6, Total: 58.8
First Place, Cl. 2A
Best Percussion, Cl. 2A
Best Auxiliary, Cl. 2A

Show Information

Quick Notes
Disappear, We Cannot Lose Hope, Was Lost and Now Is Found (like Amazing Grace).

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