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The 2014-15 Thunderbolt
'Made in America'

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Victor J Andrew H.S.
9001 W. 171st St.
Tinley Park, IL 60487
Mark Iwinski
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For Seniors ...

Fall 2013
The Canvas
Fall 2012
From the Ashes, We Rise
Fall 2011

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Coverage of the 2014 Performance Season for Andrew High School


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Oct 4 by Paul Katula ... What was so striking to me about Andrew's show this year was not the theme, though that should hit everyone close to the heart, but the precision in the marching. Evidence of work ethic in the band is clear, as the formation, in one place, starts out with little files, which turn quickly into diagonals and end up in completely different files. When several lines of marchers do this together, the overall visual is very effective. Also, when the TV newscaster says that Pearl Harbor has just been attacked, there's a very well placed rifle toss. When the rifles hit, there's a virtual explosion in the band, especially in the percussion. It lasts just a second, but it was very well done. The whole Pearl Harbor idea, reinforced by the use of US-like flags, culminates in two rows of marchers kneeling to focus on a dancer with double blue flags, as a soft cadence is heard. Touching and effective.

Sep 23 by Paul Katula ... Congratulations to the marching band from Victor J Andrew for winning back-to-back grand championships (Morton and NIU) for the first time in the school's nearly 40-year history, District 230 tweeted. Can someone from the band please post a comment as to what music is being used in the show this year?

Sep 20 by Paul Katula ... Looking good in the new uniforms!

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2014 Festival Appearances
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BOA Grand Nationals
Festival start time 12:00pm
BOA Indy Regional
Festival start time 12:00pm
Performed at 7:35pm
No Report Yet
IL State U
On Oct 11, Prelim Total: 73.8
On Oct 4, Total: 77.8
Second Place, Cl. 2A
Best Music, Cl. 2A
Best Visuals, Cl. 2A
Best Percussion, Cl. 2A
Bet Auxiliary, Cl. 2A
Northern IL U
On Sep 20, Total: 78.75
Grand Champion
First Place, Cl. 2A
Best Music, Cl. 2A
Best Visuals, Cl. 2A
Best General Effect, Cl. 2A
On Sep 13, Total: 72.8
Grand Champion
First Place, Cl. 2A
Best Music, Cl. 2A
Best Visual, Cl. 2A
Best General Effect, Cl. 2A
Best Auxiliary, Cl. 2A
Best Percussion, Cl. 2A
Best Winds, Cl. 2A

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