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Overview of High School Marching Bands in Illinois (Fall 2010)

School IHSA Name Director Size Drum Majors Show Title Quick Notes
AltamontAltamontScott Gercken   
AltonAlton (Sr.)Matthew Banks, Alyssa Cudney, Joe Sparks (visual), Briana Scott (guard), Chris Cooper (perc), Peter Hussey (perc), Kim Shelley (perc), Will Ele (brass), Jennifer Shinberger (ww), Marcy Holub (ww)105 Birds of a Feather ... flock together: The show brings together songs that feature birds in the title. Stravinsky's Firebird Suite, for instance, and a few other tunes like Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" get mentioned, but the basis of the show is the jazz standard "Birdland." Originally composed by keyboardist Joe Zawinul for the Weather Report's 1977 album, Heavy Weather , the chart has become required repertoire for any jazz group. It has been recorded by Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, and the Manhattan Transfer, which added lyrics by Jon Hendricks. The title is the name of a jazz club on 52nd Street in New York, where Mr Zawinul used to hang out and where he met his wife. The club got its name, of course, from saxophonist Charlie Parker, whose nickname was "Bird." The chart was also recorded by Quincy Jones in 1989 on the album Back on the Block . His version, an up-tempo rendition, featured a rap-like introduction. And in 2010, Alton High School brings us a marching band version.
AndrewTinley Park (Andrew)Mark Iwinski Jason Arnold, Sean Hahn, Enedina GamboaIn the Shadow of Leaves Title refers to Samurai tradition, not necessarily as warriors but as administrators. Latest book edition is probably The Art of the Samurai: Yamamoto Tsunetomo's Hagakure , by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, translated by Barry D. Steben, Duncan Baird, September 2008, ISBN 1-84483-720-3. The word "Hagakure" is usually translated as "In the shadow of Leaves" or "hidden leaves." It refers to a time in Samurai history, during which there were no major campaigns to fight. The Samurai had to reinvent themselves in order to function during a time of peace, when their fighting skills were of little use. In modern times, many readers take the volume as one of self-awareness, mostly in the spiritual domain. We need to understand, at the deepest possible level, how we fit into the world. Much is written about the culture of the Samurai, including this by Inazo Nitobe in a 1905 book entitled Bushido—The Soul of Japan : "Honor may be demolished, but its light and its glory will long survive their ruins. Like its symbolic flower, after it is blown to the four winds, it will still bless mankind with the perfume with which it will enrich life. Ages after, when its custom will have been buried and its name forgotten, its fragrance will come floating in the air as from a far-off, unseen hill." Mark Iwinski is a new director at the school, succeeding Dan Romano, who retired last year after a 30-year career, the last 27 of which were at Andrew High School. Music is by Hans Zimmer and Tetsunoke Kushida.
Anna-JonesboroAnna (A.-Jonesboro)Renee McLain   
AntiochAntiochMichael Riggs Alexandria Hoffman, Jordan Jones, DJ KolpanenPassionnew director ... music includes four movements: Carmen Opener, Intermezzo, Carmen Soup, and Bacchanale.
ArcolaArcolaRonda Hodge   
ArgoSummit (Argo)Bob Good, Megan Covey Tyler Fleming, Eric VlasakGeorge Orwell's 1984Three movements: Negative Utopia, Winston's Secret, and Big Brother Is Watching You.
Atwood-HammondAtwood (A.-Hammond)Tina Nuckols  A Little Bit o' Jazznew director ... formerly the general music teacher at the school ... Band director position is now K-12, including general music ... music includes "Rock This Town," "Georgia," and Bette Midler hit "Big Noise from Winnetka."
AuburnAuburnBekah Philbrick  Phantasm
Aurora Central CatholicAurora (Central Catholic)Brian Patti0 (no marching band)pep band only
BataviaBataviaBen Collins110 Reflections Based on the music of Pink Floyd. Band director John Heath, who is transitioning into retirement following a career in music education spanning more than three decades and 20 years at Batavia, joined the school's current marching band director, Ben Collins, to write a paper about advocacy for fine arts programs in high schools. Students have more choices in school today than time allows, they wrote, forcing them to choose wisely: "This choice can be daunting, and the source of stress. Subjects such as math, science, English, and history are all required but the arts are often not. One might ask as to why their child should study music when they have so many other options. The answers are: music study allows students to express emotions that have no outlet through words, emotions that are important to their development as humans and music study teaches students about other cultures and helps foster a greater understanding of global diversity."
Belleville EastBelleville (East)Mark A. Tessereau, Lacy Wray (support), Nic Goodman (percussion), Matt Amos (percussion), Ashley Junker (woodwinds), Becky Masur (woodwinds), Timothy Hassall (brass)225Philip Cheng, Jackie Heffner, Colin Connor, Rebekkah Dothager... the BoxOutback Bowl in Florida on New Year's, lots of parades, competitions. The show's movements include "Trapped Inside ..." and "Think Outside ..." which are meant to go before the show's overall title, "... the Box." ... hosts invitational festival, 9/11
Belleville WestBelleville (West)Tom Birkner  Assorted Pop Songs Chuck Mangione performing "Children of Sanchez," which is part of Belleville West's show can be found on YouTube, here . The show also includes "Turn, Turn, Turn," by the Byrds, for which the video can be found on YouTube, here . Finally, Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water" and "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by the Supremes. "Turn, Turn, Turn," of course, is based on the Bible, Do you know where? Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, I believe.
BelvidereBelvidereDavid Burrows75 Heartbreaker; Enter Sandman; Welcome to the Jungleband is non-competitive ... all band students march ... show changes for each football game (these are three titles) ... also a senior show, for which the seniors take responsibility ... also a homecoming show and a show with the district's 8th graders
BementBementCharity Carls  Video Game Evolution
Bishop McNamaraKankakee (McNamara)Wayne Schultz30 (no field show)
Bismarck-HenningBismarck (B.-Henning)David Schroeder30 Music of The Who
BloomingtonBloomington (H.S.)Max Chernick, Pamela Kelly160Lindsay Byers, Brenna Martin, Meagan Vasel, Sarah YoungsLadder of SuccessLadders are more than props on the field during Bloomington's 2010 field show. They represent, visually and musically, our commitment to rising to new occasions every day in our lives. They are a school's desire to do the same—faculty, parents, students, and staff. Over time, whether that's eight minutes during a marching band show or eight decades during our life, the trick is to never stop climbing.
Blue RidgeFarmer City (Blue Ridge)Christopher Mitchell  Love
BolingbrookBolingbrookAimee Ruspis150 x!
BremenMidlothian (Bremen)Ben Salgado42 Stevie Wonder Show-style marching ... Marching band has been spared the budget ax this year at Bremen, but the same cannot be said for the school's jazz band, which was dropped after last year. A decision had to be made by people higher up than director Ben Salgado, he said, but the educational value and character-building from the school's marching band program, even a small one like Bremen's, was the glue that held the decision-making authorities on the marching band side, at least for now.
Brother RiceChicago (Brother Rice)Patrick Henning, Al Rendak  The Timeline: Past, Present, FutureSt Laurence, Queen of Peace, and Mother Macauley high schools combine with Brother Rice to form this coop marching band. All four schools are single-sex Catholic high schools on the south side of Chicago or the near-southern suburbs.
Buffalo GroveBuffalo GroveEd Jacobi, Bryan Itzkowitz (drill)170 Michael Jackson"We spell MJ on the field and do the Thriller Dance," says director Ed Jacobi. The band is non-competitive but entertains the crowd at all home football games and will march in one parade this year. In addition to "Thriller," music from the King of Pop includes "ABC," "I'll Be There," and "I Want You Back."
Burlington CentralBurlington (Central)Jim Struyk, Sonya Rohde (ww), Tyler Smith (perc), Laura Holmquist (guard), Tom Rucker (perc)88Michelle Tuma, Adam MoxnessFlashbackChicago Thanksgiving Parade ... non-competitive ... musical selections include "Karn Evil Number 9," "The Tide is High," "Aquarius," and "Let the Light Shine."
CambridgeCambridgeChris Allen33 Caught in a Time Warp
CantonCantonKristin Schrag  Game On!
CarbondaleCarbondale (H.S.)Gregory Townsend80 World Tour 2010
CarlyleCarlyleThomas Fulton60 The Beatles: A Magical Mystery Tour Reviewnew director
CarmelMundelein (Carmel)David Wiebers98 Pirates of the Caribbean; The Beatles2 shows under development this season ... Parades are rare: main focus is a show style, but the band works on corps style and competitive shows every once in a while. Function is mainly to "service our football experience at home, travel to playoff games with the team, and play at pep rallies," director David Wiebers said. The band also performs with the poms and cheer teams for pre-game. Then, the poms and band work the stands together during the games.
CarrolltonCarrolltonMargaret Baer   new band director
CartervilleCartervilleTodd Norrington   
Casey-WestfieldCasey (C.-Westfield)Brent Ritter  Blues Brothers
CentennialChampaign (Centennial)Michael Allen   
Central A & MMoweaqua (Central A&M)Peter Manzi   
CentraliaCentraliaKevin Devany  Jackson 5ivemusic includes pop tunes from long ago, recorded by the Jackson Five: "ABC," "Blame It on the Boogie," and "I'll Be There."
Champaign CentralChampaign (Central)John Currey, Jennifer Currey126 All the King's Men "Don't spoil the surprise ending," band director Jennifer Currey told me. OK. Let me play the role of a good movie critic here, not because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but because Roger Ebert, the great movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times , used to work at the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette . Furthermore, Champaign Central is probably closer to the University of Illinois's Memorial Stadium than any other high school. That's where marching bands all got started, folks, so I'll just let it go at that. What I can share with you is that the title of the show refers to the game of chess. You'll notice in the flags the opposition of black and white, just like pieces on a chess board, and just like good and evil in movies, like Star Wars . Roger Ebert is on record as crediting the original 1977 film with "at least 10 trends that have fundamentally changed the way Hollywood addresses the mass audience," including the contribution of a phrase to our lexicon: "May the force be with you." And just as our language continues to evolve, so will the ending of Champaign Central's show. It might be a tragedy, it might not. We'll have to wait until the end of the season. I think even band members don't know—or at least they're not telling. The fifth and final movement is entitled "Couldn't Put 'Em Back Together Again," which sounds like Humpty Dumpty, but the question remains, Could they or couldn't they? Four prior movements include "Knights of the Realm," "Fairest of the Fair," which will be the band's ballad, "Treachery Afoot," which is where things start heating up, and finally, "All the King's Men," the battle scene, played out on a chess board.
CharlestonCharlestonLaney Grimes  The Mask of Zorro
Civic MemorialBethalto (Civic Memorial)Lori Hoke   
ClintonClintonTim Holl150 Contemporary Field Show
Coal CityCoal CityJamie Dooley  Tommy
CollinsvilleCollinsvilleJoseph Padawan, Rob Elston (perc), Lindsay Kusmierczak (guard), Maddy Ligon (guard)85Stephen Wilke, Lauren Humphrey, Kayla KroderRhythms of a CityShow depicts, musically, some of the main attractions in the city of St. Louis: the Arch, jazz at the Bistro, City Museum, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Visitors to the garden through Oct. 3 will be able to stand up in a climatron as part of the "Dinoquest" exhibit, which "transports visitors back in time to the golden age of dinosaurs." What stands out in Collinsville's show, however, is definitely the music. "The music I have chosen is challenging to each section," director Joseph Padawan said. "We have moments with soft music displaying our musicianship, moments with fast-moving lines displaying our skill level, and moments where we are full volume displaying our power." Mr Padawan credited Frank Sullivan, the show's arranger, with doing a great job creating crowd-pleasing moments in marching shows. "Open 5th chords can be extremely powerful," he said, for example. Distorted body positions during the "City Museum" movement will catch your eye for a moment, but in the end, the Gateway Arch is simply the heart of St. Louis: in the US, it's the tallest national monument at 630 feet and one of the most recognizable structures. In Collinsville's field show, it's the definitive climax. You won't be able to miss it near the beginning and again in the reprise. "I can already hear the crisp release before our final statement," Mr Padawan said. "The color guard will be using flags that abstractly utilize the arch as well. There will also be some interesting visual moments happening in the closer to help bring it home ."
ColumbiaColumbiaCraig Ryterski   
Crystal Lake CentralCrystal Lake (Central)Keith Levin120 Cirque du Soleil: KàThe plot, according to the show's creator, Robert Lepage, involves "imperial twins who are separated at the prime of their youth and must undergo a rite of passage of self-discovery. It is about their encounters with Kà, the fire that has the dual power to destroy or illuminate." Unlike other Cirque productions, though, this one has concrete actions in the plot, rather than being told in the abstract using the music and visuals. It starts aboard a ship, with the twins returning home to a reunion of the royal family. For the rest, you'll either have to visit the MGM Grand in Las Vegas or watch Crystal Lake Central's show. Director Keith Levin said the band's show draws on four musical selections from the Cirque show.
Crystal Lake SouthCrystal Lake (South)Chris Keyes   
CumberlandToledo (Cumberland)Laura Roley19 JourneyBand is scheduled to march in the Eastern Illinois University Homecoming Parade and participate in Band Day at EIU ... performs at home football games and at the Greenup Fall Festival and Toledo Springfest parades.
DanvilleDanville (H.S.)Brad Leeb  Guns 'n' Roseshosts Viking Invitational, 9/11 ... Music includes "Jungle Opener," "Rain Ballad," and "Child-Paradise Closer."
DeKalbDeKalbSteven Lundin  Tommy
DeLand-WeldonDeLand (D.-Weldon)Sarah Lidy30 (no field show)parades only ... band marches in one or two parades each school year
Downers Grove NorthDowners Grove (North)Brayer Teague180 The Hero's Journeyincludes music from Gladiator , Avatar , and the Narnia movies based on books by C.S. Lewis The DGN band doesn't normally compete at festivals but focuses its efforts where they live, providing spirited, high-energy entertainment at home and occasionally away football games, the homecoming parade and assembly, local parades, and their own Band-O-Rama concert. They have traveled to Orlando, Fla.; Dublin, Ireland; and to the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. At home football games, the band keeps the crowd involved and makes more noise than even the school's award-winning cheer squad. Their integral participation and support has led to a bond between the musicians and athletes not typically seen between athletics and music programs at the high school level. This is largely due to the band's strong promotion of outstanding musicianship, leadership, sportsmanship, and teamwork. On the field, the performances are an ongoing tribute to the band's student members and a perpetual program of excellence.
Downers Grove SouthDowners Grove (South)Craig Roselieb120Callie Sorce, Caitlin Olewinski, Cami WilliamsBeyond the Stormmusic is by Andrew Boysen Jr. ... School hosts Downers Grove Music Bowl, 10/9 ... 17 bands expected to perform ... it's gonna be a lotta work for all the students in the DGS band.
DunlapDunlapJill Potts, Jason Shea, Greg King (drumline), Chris Erickson (front ens), Nick Howard (guard), Pete Colgan (ww), Holly Haines (ww), Adam Brown (lo brass), Connor King (hi brass), Drew Helgeson (drumline)160 Revolution and TriumphTwo marching bands perform at the school: Varsity and Cadet. The theme of the Cadet show is spies.
DurandDurandTim Schmidt0 (no marching band)
DwightDwightRichard Benzik27 The Music of Styxhosts Dwight Harvest Days Parade and Field Show, Sept. 19 (Sunday) ... 10 bands in the field show, 20 in the parade, expected to perform.
East PeoriaEast PeoriaAdam Schneblin104 The Kinga tribute to Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll" ...
East RichlandOlney (East Richland)Jason Bonny  España Cañititle means "song of Spain" ... musical selections include the title song as well as "La Pantera," Alberto Dominquez's "Perfidia," and a Latin closer arranged by Jay Bocook.
EdwardsvilleEdwardsville (H.S.)Marvin Battle  Imagine
EffinghamEffingham (H.S.)Brad Wallace106 Luminous Equinox
EisenhowerBlue Island (Eisenhower)Justin Antos60 Beatlemaniaarrangements of tunes by The Beatles, including "Magical Mystery Tour / She Loves You," "Yesterday," "Eleanor Rigby," and "Hey Jude."
Eisenhower (Decatur)Decatur (Eisenhower)Sarah Walczyk   
El Paso-GridleyEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)Christina Lohrberg32 Summon the HeroesThe show follows the development of an individual's concept of a hero, from child to adult, according to director Christina Lohrberg. Music is drawn from the movies Superman and Batman , and includes the songs "I Love Rock and Roll," "Carry on My Wayward Son," "Holding Out for a Hero," and various songs with a military theme. Also included in the music will be Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man." This piece was one of many "fanfares" commissioned by conductor Eugene Goossens during World War II. Music theorist Walter Piston wrote a fanfare honoring the French. Deems Taylor paid tribute to Russia. Other fanfares were dedicated to assorted branches of the military, including the medical corps, the signal corps, and the paratroopers. Only the "Fanfare for the Common Man" and Morton Gould's "Fanfare for Freedom" even tried to acknowledge the ideas the war itself had put in jeopardy. Only Copland's work lasted longer than its premiere.
ElginElgin (H.S.)Johnathan Bogue   
Elk GroveElk Grove Village (E.G.)Ron Fiorito100 Lux
Elmwood ParkElmwood ParkKyle Rhoades  The Music of The Beatles
EurekaEurekaTodd Stalter, Denise Yonker, Kari Marino (guard), Shane Rocke (drumline), Marissa McClure-Mitchell (perc.)85Katy Boggs, Mackenzie Fuller, Kelsey Henry... in motion ...Band continues to cope with the loss of Alyssa Burns in a tragic accident in June 2009. Todd Stalter, who composed the music based on Alyssa's initials, A-G-Bb, said, "... in motion ... is the perfect title, because all of us are moving in forward motion and time in regards to our existence in this world, and the music tries to express what some of the moments we experience are like along the journey."
Evanston TownshipEvanston (Twp.)David Fodor  Chess: A Musical Game of Strategy2nd year in competition
Evergreen ParkEvergreen ParkKen Kazin   
FairfieldFairfieldArdis Barbre   
FarmingtonFarmingtonFred Herink  Pirates
FieldcrestMinonk (Fieldcrest)Rusty Russell  Barnum2nd year in competition
FloraFloraSara Hudson45 TV ReviewShow incorporates themes from TV shows, including "The A-Team," "The Simpsons," "Get Smart," and "NFL on Fox."
FremdPalatine (Fremd)Matthew Moore  Pirates!
GalesburgGalesburg (H.S.)Ben Bredemeier, Brianne Shadensack140 Rail Citymusic from "The Great Locomotive Chase," "Crazy Train," and "Ghost Train."
GeneseoGeneseoSteve Scherer, Tony Hernandez Sara Sneyd, Dan ReyburnGoing for the Goldfeatures music by Joseph Curiale
Genoa-KingstonGenoa (G.-Kingston)Michael Lipinski  (Good) Night
Georgetown-Ridge FarmGeorgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)Sara McGovern  Arabian Show
Glenbard WestGlen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Jonathan Walsh, William Ortega (asst. dir.), Shan Kazmi (visual), Timm Higus (visual), Colleen Doyle (guard), Derek Doyle (perc)83Hayley Lofgren, Billy Swanson, Kevin VondrakDestination Jazz"Georgia on My Mind," "Take the 'A' Train," "Harlem Nocturne," and "Birdland" are among the musical selections in the show.
Glenbrook NorthNorthbrook (Glenbrook North)Mark Running, Rich Chapman56 A Journey through OzMusic posted on web site includes the titles "Wizard of OZ '39," "Ease on Down the Road," and "Wicked."
Glenbrook SouthGlenview (Glenbrook South)Greg Wojcik, Mark Toliusis Jonathan Choi, Will Kirby, Annah MarchettoFanfare, Romance Anonimo, Bullymusic popularized by Dick Schory's Percussion Pops Orchestra
Granite CityGranite CityWyatt Roberds, Josh Palmer  Shostakovich: A Night at the Leningrad Philharmonic
Grant CommunityFox Lake (Grant)Ellen Skolar   
Grayslake CentralGrayslake (Central)    
Grayslake NorthGrayslake (North)Candace Edstrand  Takin' It to the Streets
HamiltonHamiltonMichael McDermott56 Music from Journeythe rock band, "Journey," that is
HarlemMachesney Park (Harlem)Kevin Jensen   
HarvardHarvardKorey J. Coffer65Ashley Hernandez, Ingrid RendonA Blast from the PastNot sure he would have a color guard when the year started, director Korey Coffer promised fans at football games they would be entertained with some pop rock songs, all written before any of the students in the band were born: "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, and Michael Jackson's "Thriller." The band is non-competitive and will take part in Band Day at Northern Illinois University this fall. Read all about their show here .
HavanaHavanaGeorge Caton50 Hard Rock
HeritageBroadlands (Heritage)Justin Lee  0072nd year in competition
HerscherHerscherRachel Dickman, Josh Youngs Becky Perkins, Grant SparenbergThe Pursuit Music includes "Pursuit" by Matt Conaway (b. 1979). Mr Conaway currently works at the West Lafayette (Ind.) Community School Corporation, where he directs all fifth- through 12th-grade bands. Also included in Herscher's musical selections is "Splashes of Gold" by another contemporary American composer, James L Hosay. Music for the show was arranged by Katrina Cessna.
HerseyArlington Heights (Hersey)Scott Casagrande, Tom Beckwith  Storm: The Music of John Mackey
HighlandHighlandClay Dugger  Midnight in Transylvania
Hinsdale CentralHinsdale (Central)Matt Kurinsky   
Hinsdale SouthDarien (Hinsdale South)Patrick Maag, Jon Quiaoit (perc), Sarah Kukec (guard), Amy Berringer (brass), Clair Van Horn (ww)100Andrew Nkansah, Samantha YoussefWars AntiguaIncludes some powerful music with "very dramatic possibilities," director Patrick Maag said. In the opener, the band comes to a large company front and marches in a half-time step. And at the end of the third movement, the entire band collapses as if killed in battle. Music includes themes from Robin Hood and Gladiator , as well as a song entitled "Only the Dead Will See the End of War."
Hoopeston AreaHoopeston (H. Area)Wendy Ronna60  
HuntleyHuntleyNick Konwerski  Medusa
Ill. Math/Science AcadAurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)Mary Beth McCarthy0 (no marching band)no marching band, no football team, music director Mary Beth McCarthy confirmed by email, Aug. 17
Illini WestCarthage (Illini West)Linda Hartweg   
Illinois Valley CentralChillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)Matt Chapman, Kim Tegg, Toby Thomas Lauren Farris, Emily Pence, Kallie WilliamsChronometryMatt Chapman takes lead role after 30-year retirement of Dan Diettrich. The show is by Key Poulan and includes four movements: Grandfather's Clock, Hourglass, Countdown, and Stopwatch.
JacksonvilleJacksonville (H.S.)Steve Thorne   
JacobsAlgonquin (Jacobs)Anthony Gnutek, Jake Stouffer125 Spin1st year in competition
JohnsburgJohnsburgSteven Riley60 Comic Conmusical selections from superhero films, including "Batman/X2," "Spiderman," and "Superman"
Johnston CityJohnston CityNicole Hodges   
Joliet WestJoliet (West)Kevin Carroll130A.J. Galli, Ariel Saad, Myles EalyBring On the Night3 movements: "Lunar Impressions," "As The Moon Rises," and "Bring On The Night."
KanelandMaple Park (Kaneland)Aaron Puckett, Rebecca Anderson Brock Feece, Bethany Swartz, Katie Taylorx!Music by Key Poulan includes four movements, mixed with multiple titles, including I & II: X-Clamation and X-Celeration; III: X-Haustion; and IV: X-Aggeration, X-Otic, and X-Plosion.
KewaneeKewanee (H.S.)Eric Hollaway41 Super Heroesmusical selections from superhero films, including Superman , Spiderman , Ironman , and Batman
Lake ParkRoselle (Lake Park)Mike Chiodo, Ron Hardin (drill), Kevin Nevsimal (brass), Moulee Gupta (ww), Matt Stein (perc), Joe Roach (perc), Amy Sharp (guard), Paul Wiercioch (visuals)180Karoline Giza, Mito Imigawa, Jessica Katsiroubas, Jenny RamirezBirds of a Featherusually a semi-finalist at Bands of America Grand Nationals ... 1996 Grand National Champion ... 1st in Class 6A, 2nd in state, at ISU in 2009 ... hosts Lancer Joust festival, 9/11 Show explores different sides of birds—musically and visually: It opens with the playful dance of a young bird's first flight. Part II shows us the hummingbird and transitions into the beauty of the peacock. Intensity builds in Part III, as the band brings to life the woodpecker and hawk, and the eagle's majestic flight has the final word.
Lake ZurichLake ZurichJoshua Thompson, Sheri Conover (assistant), Libby Reimann (guard), Brett Baxter (drumline)215Julie Larsen, Rachel Wojcicki, Krystyna KeenaThe Beatles; SuperheroesHoliday Bowl in San Diego ... Band is non-competitive, develops two complete shows during football season: first is based on The Beatles (When I'm 64, Back in the USSR/The End, Magical Mystery Tour/Hard Days Night), second on Superheroes (Spiderman, The Incredibles, Superman)
Lakes CommunityLake Villa (Lakes)Matthew Kastor  Tribal Elements
LaSalle-PeruLaSalle (L.-Peru)Kyle Adelmann75 Anna Lynn Dancingnew band director
Latin (Chicago)Chicago (Latin)Michael Teolis0 (no marching band)Michael Teolis confirmed by email that the school does not have a marching band, Thu, July 22, 2010 8:37:56 AM.
LemontLemont (H.S.)David Nommensen, Matthew Doherty Kaitlyn Carver, Leslie Kane, Mykala Walton, Maggie BrownOf Lore and Legend Music includes excerpts from Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique , "Song of the Blacksmith" Gustav Holst's Second Suite in F for Military Band , and "Along the Caney Fork" by James L Hosay. In the "Berlioz takes a trip" episode of Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts , the conductor writes about Symphonie Fantastique : "Berlioz tells it like it is," he says. "You take a trip, you wind up screaming at your own funeral." Of course, he's referring to the composer's own program notes for the work. It was intended as program music, to tell the story of an artist with an overactive imagination. It could have been Berlioz himself, writing some sort of musical autobiography. "An artist gifted with a lively imagination has poisoned himself with opium in the depths of despair," he writes. It's a story of his unrequited love for a beautiful woman. The composition uses what is known as an idée fixe (a fixed idea). It's a musical obsession of sorts, one that cannot be escaped, as it shows up time and again. Here, the idée fixe is intended to represent the artist's beloved. Berlioz writes: "Convinced that his love is spurned, the artist poisons himself with opium. The dose of narcotic, while too weak to cause his death, plunges him into a heavy sleep accompanied by the strangest of visions. He dreams that he has killed his beloved, that he is condemned, led to the scaffold and is witnessing his own execution. The procession advances to the sound of a march that is sometimes sombre and wild, and sometimes brilliant and solemn, in which a dull sound of heavy footsteps follows without transition the loudest outbursts. At the end of the march, the first four bars of the idée fixe reappear like a final thought of love interrupted by the fatal blow." For the record, the Caney Fork River is near Granville, Tenn., considered by many to be "the heart of Americana." James Hosay (b. 1959) is an American composer born near Nashville, Tenn. His first assignment after college was as a trumpeter with the 26th US Army Band at Fort Hamilton, N.Y., according to his biography. He's now enjoying military retirement, with his girlfriend and family in Virginia Beach.
LeRoyLeRoyBridgette Wells   
LewistownLewistownClay Ginglen   
Limestone CommunityBartonville (Limestone)Andrew Empey, Justin Bainter Brittany Bryant, Kaylah Hanlon, Melissa BucklinKaleidoscopeShow is in three movements: Colors, Reflections, Kaleidoscope.
LincolnLincolnDavid Swaar  The Music of Steely Dan
Lincoln ParkChicago (Lincoln Park)Cheryl L. Filipek, Lise Gilly (p/a chair)100Greg GerardoCity FunkGet down! Show- AND corps-style, the best of both worlds, work together as the Marching Lions from Chicago's Lincoln Park High School incorporate songs that would normally be part of a show-style marching unit and put them into a corps-style visual presentation. As the title implies, music comes from the funk genre, from the 70s to the present. Songs include "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind and Fire, "Ain't Nothin' Wrong with That" by Robert Randolph, and "Word Up" by Cameo. The lead falsetto singer for the funk supergroup Earth, Wind and Fire is Philip Bailey. He was born in Denver in 1951, but the group is generally considered to call Chicago its home. Bailey gave an interview for Billboard magazine in 1999, in which he credited jazz trumpeter Miles Davis with his inspiration. "Because of my register, Miles Davis's trumpet playing has always been a big influence on my singing," the record industry magazine quoted him as saying. "I've always been intrigued by the way he can start anywhere and make it right." He said the gigs he played at the beginning of his career with the Phoenix Horns were valuable: "When I think back on it now, and I look at the musicians of today, I realize that we had a place to hone our skills, playing all those gigs in all those clubs." Another quick note about Lincoln Park: The school is known nationally for the academic challenge it presents to students. It was ranked 94th in the US and second in Illinois in terms of the number of Advanced Placement exams taken by graduates, earning a score of 4.104 exams for every senior who graduated, according to the 2009 Newsweek Magazine Challenge Index. Our coverage is here .
Lincoln-Way CentralNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)Eric Wellman Emma MurphyDaydreamsMusic is based on Nathan Daughtrey's "Limerick Daydreams," composed in 2005 for symphonic band. The work makes heavy use of percussion, leading to its adaptation here for marching band. Ray Cramer, director of bands emeritus at Indiana University, writes: "'Limerick Daydreams' is a fresh, beautifully scored journey through dramatic textures and styles, featuring several soloists and challenging, delightful percussion writing. This work will please both the ensemble and audience alike."
Lincoln-Way EastFrankfort (Lincoln-Way East)Clifton Smith, Cary Ruklic190Michael Novak, Ryan Miller, Danna WebberBlue Cathedral
Lincoln-Way NorthFrankfort (Lincoln-Way North)Bert Johnson, Kirk Hickman (asst), Tammy Edders (guard)103Emily Seyforth, Eli RamirezThe PathFeaturing original compositions by Don Hill, show is about the search for inner peace and includes three movements: "Discovering the Path," "The Inner Path," and "Nirvana."
Lincoln-Way WestNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way West)Steve Nedzel, Adam Rusek (percussion), Megan Piper (guard), Andrew Imig (stud. tchr.)46Cody BarryRing of Fire: Music of the Pacific RimNewly opened for 2009-10 school year ... featuring original music by Craig Andrew Fitzpatrick ... senior night is Oct. 22, indoor concert on Oct. 25 ... director Steve Nedzel came from Lincoln-Way Central, which split its growing student population to form this school two years ago.
Lockport TownshipLockport (Twp.)Brian Covey, Anna Mudroch Amy Kmak, Artie Martinez, Malak Hamdan, Kalista KamberosEchoes of Change The show features the music of Percy Aldridge Grainger (1882-1961), who was born in Melbourne, Australia, and took his first piano lessons from his mom. He then studied at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, Germany, and there became friends with Edvard Grieg, among other composers. He is perhaps best known as an experimental composer and for his piano settings of folk songs like "Irish Tune from County Derry," "Molly on the Shore," and "Shepherds' Hey." But he was also a virtuoso pianist, known in his time for his interpretations of Grieg's music. In addition, he gets credit for developing a "synthesizer and composing machine" long before anyone had ever heard the word "Korg."
LovingtonLovingtonRichard Moma0 (no marching band)
MacombMacombDavid Wetmore  Estancia
Mahomet-SeymourMahomet (M.-Seymour)Michael Stevens  Latin Sketches: Pegasus, Casals Suite, Spain
Maine EastPark Ridge (Maine East)Pam Holt80 Karaoke; Michael Jackson Tributeshow-style, non-competitive ... band will develop 2 shows this season ... (1) a spin on karaoke performances, including "Livin' on a Prayer," "Sweet Caroline," and "Don't Stop Believin'" ... (2) a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, including his hits "Beat It," "Smooth Criminal," and "Thriller."
Maine WestDes Plaines (Maine West)Bernie Gerstmayr   
MarengoMarengoTodd Stellmach65Hannah Diedrick, Elizabeth DujmovichChicago City Limitsmusical selections: "Make Me Smile" and "25 or 6 to 4" by the band "Chicago," the song "Chicago" that Frank Sinatra made famous, and music from the Broadway show "Chicago" ... lyrics excerpt from "Make Me Smile": I'm so happy / That you love me / Life is lovely / When you're near me / Tell me you will stay / Make me smile.
Marian CatholicChicago Heights (Marian Catholic)Greg Bimm, Bobby Lambert Samantha Greene, Kaitlyn Van Tuyl, Katherine JohnsonOn Being Hit on the HeadMusic includes "Are You Experienced?" by David Lang, Symphony No. 2 , I and III, by Christopher Rouse, "Train of Tears" from Deus Ex Machina by Michael Daugherty, and "Blink" by Joel Puckett.
Marian Central CatholicWoodstock (Marian)Tom Rome0 (no marching band)
MarionMarion (H.S.)Todd Graham  MetamorphosisMusic includes "Synergy" by Aaron Guidry and "Rocky Point Holiday," composed by Ron Nelson in 1969 and recorded by the Concordia College Band, here . It will become one of your favorites.
Marmion-RosaryAurora (Marmion Acad.)Stephen Thurlow, Sam Dedic (guard), Catherine Rezutto (guard)58Brett Hoover, Peter GonzalesTommyMale students attend Marmion Academy, and female students attend Rosary Academy, both in Aurora. Common band period meets daily, 6:40 to 7:25 a.m. Show composed by Peter Townshend, arranged by Andy James ... selections: "Overture," "Captain Walker," "It's a Boy," "Sparks," "Pinball Wizard," and "See Me Feel Me." Flag Captain: Caroline Elkin (five students in auxiliary). Band didn't compete last year and has cut back on evening rehearsals and band camp. No festival appearances or competitions are planned this season. However, everyone in the program marches. Marmion is a Catholic Benedictine college preparatory school for young men, with a mission to promote leadership skills and value-based, liberal arts education. Rosary is a Catholic high school for young women, run by the Dominican order in Springfield, Ill. Both schools draw students from Catholic and public junior high schools in the western suburbs.
Maroa-ForsythMaroa (M.-Forsyth)Everett James30 An '80s Show"Thriller" from Michael Jackson, "Livin' on a Prayer" from Bon Jovi, and the 1983 hit "Mr. Roboto" from Styx are among the musical selections.
MascoutahMascoutahSandy Richter   
Massac CountyMetropolis (Massac County)Chris Hayden   
Mater DeiBreese (Mater Dei)    
MattoonMattoonTodd Black, Angi Black (guard), Matt Black (perc), Allison Christion (guard), Rebecca Hunt (guard), Adam Harrington (visual)83Mike Starwalt, James StanfordCirque du Soleilmusic includes "Distorted," "Journey of Man — Part 1," and "Incantation."
McHenryMcHenryBrian Weidner   
MetamoraMetamoraChristopher Render Sarah Martin, Julia BurnsPicture PerfectShow has three movements: Snapshots, Still Life, and Capturing the Moment.
Metea ValleyAurora (Metea Valley)Don Devany79 The Piano Man: A Tribute to Billy JoelThe new high school opened for the 2009-10 academic year with only freshmen and sophomores and thus had no varsity football team for a band to play for last year, said Thomas A. Schweer, the school's athletic director. But this year's different: about 79 students participate in the marching band, led by Don Devany, who used to teach at Neuqua Valley, which the district opened just more than a decade ago.
MinookaMinookaRick Anderson, Gina Wych Mallory Martinet, Ben DriverKataincludes "Inchon" Part I and Part II, Marimba Spiritual.
MonticelloMonticelloAlison Allender, Amanda Allen Chelsea Hunt, Jackson DeremiahIlluminationsAlison Allender is a new director at Monticello; she taught at Rantoul last year. Music includes the following movements: Tree Shadows, Aurora Borealis, and Urban Dawn.
MorrisMorrisDon Stinson87 Americana
MorrisonMorrisonDavid Bean40 Classic Rock 'n' Rollmultiple shows developed each season ... one of the shows this year is a classic Rock 'n' Roll show ... band is non-competitive
MortonMortonJeff Neavor, Jenny Bendy, Craig Fitzpatrick (brass), Bob Hornsby (drumline), Katrina Fitzpatrick (ww), Ben Dralle (pit), Dan Swallow (guard), Katy Lampe (guard), Anna Clarke (guard)127Ashlie Antrim, Jake Geiger, Joe GeigerThe Boy in the Striped PajamasAbout the photo ... Above the gate to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland is a sign that reads, "Arbeit macht frei [Work brings freedom]." Unfortunately there was no hope for freedom except the end of the war for those who entered through those gates. The photo was taken of the monument that now stands at the site where so many human beings were exterminated. Morton is using the show this year in connection with a cross-curricular unit on the Holocaust. A world history teacher at the school is also the band's drumline instructor, so that helps a bit. The book, which gives a fictional account of a young boy and his counterpart on the other side of a barbed wire fence, is by John Boyne. Music arranged by Craig Fitzpatrick includes the German national anthem by Franz Joseph Haydn, "Hatikvah" by Naphtali Herz Imber, "Bells for Stokowski" by Michael Daugherty, Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms, "The Lady in the Water" by James Newton Howard, and Requiem Mass in D by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Director Jeff Neavor says, "I encourage people to read the book or watch the movie. It tells the message that 65 years later, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. It's an important lesson, and we're honored to tell it."
Mt. CarmelMt. CarmelKim Mandrell  The Phantom of the Piano Studio
Mt. VernonMt. Vernon (H.S.)Frank Winchester   
Mt. ZionMt. ZionBrianna Bjerke  The Music of Styx
MurphysboroMurphysboroMichael Moreland, Nicholas Williams, Jacob Weber (battery), Paul Intravaia (front ens), Alix Beckman (aux), Casey Hanson (aux)50 Jazz Progressionhosts Drums at Appletime festival, 9/18
Naperville CentralNaperville (Central)D.J. Alstadt, Brandon Estes, Sharon Oliver Alex Reeder, Kyle Rogers, John SheleyMystic Railway, a.k.a. "The Train Man Cometh"bad news from the economy ... "Due to the current state of the economy, Mr. Alstadt made the difficult decision to cancel the Disney trip this year," the band's Web site says. "We are hoping to be able to plan this trip next year." and some exciting news from the world of country music ... Part of the new Kenny Chesney video for his song "The Boys of Fall" was taped at the high school, with the Saints head coach (and NCHS alumnus) Sean Payton last fall! The opening scene of the video shows the Marching Redhawks leading the Hawk Walk to the stadium for the football game! Check out the video here .
Naperville NorthNaperville (North)Dan Moore, Brian Van Kley, Paulette Rife (guard), Katie Macentire (guard), Kay Moore (pit), Randy Kulik (brass), Brian Johnson (brass), Chris Vanderwall (drumline)130Danielle Magniza, Hana ParkCoulrophobia Title purports to mean a fear of clowns, but since the band has ingeniously incorporated comedy into their shows for more than a decade, nobody's exactly concerned about checking a dictionary. With music based on circus tunes, which Dan Moore has arranged so they get more and more convoluted as the show progresses, the band tells the story of two young children who go to a circus. At first, they join in with the clowns and have lots of fun. But then, some of the clowns become aggressive and put on scary masks. The children, Suzie and Timmy, want to escape from the circus. Then another clown, intended to be based on Emmett Kelly's famous but sad tramp clown, sees them in peril and comes to their rescue. He shows them the many wonders of the circus and puts a smile back on their faces. All seems well, but in the end, it's only a circus, diverting our attention all too briefly from the many things we deal with in the real world. Marching band is extracurricular at Naperville North, but no auditions are required. "All are welcome," Mr Moore said.
Neuqua ValleyNaperville (Neuqua Valley)Jonathan Lauff  The Music of James Bond
NewtonNewtonBrian Ridlen, Jeffery Finley  Pirates!new directors
Niles WestSkokie (Niles West)William Koch   
NokomisNokomisPatrick Brooks  Shot through the Heart: The Music of Bon Jovinew director
Normal Comm WestNormal (Community West)Lisa Preston, Ryan Budzinski Zach Potter, Sarah Moravec, Zach ScanlonThe FallenRepertoire includes "Chorus Angelorum" by Samuel Hazo and "Angels in the Architecture" by Frank Ticheli.
Normal CommunityNormal (Community)Lance Meadows, Joshua Masterman (asst.)100Nathan Titus, Hayley MeadowsMajor LeagueFeaturing music from the film The Natural as well as "October" by Eric Whitacre and "Pastime" by Jack Stamp, the show is a tribute to baseball, according to director Lance Meadows. All of the music is related to baseball in some fashion, he said: "The opener is music taken from the movie The Natural , composed by Randy Newman. The ballad, from 'October' by Eric Whitacre, is a tribute to the October Classic—the World Series. The closer is from Jack Stamp's 'Pastime' and is based on 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame.' "
North ClayLouisville (North Clay)David Brown   new director ... only just beginning to develop a marching program ... mostly parades at this point.
NorthwesternPalmyra (Northwestern)Carolyn Jakes27 Pop Mixmusical selections include "Black or White," "Thriller," and "Gimme Some Lovin'"
O'FallonO'Fallon (H.S.)Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, Sean Harris, Kent Baker (arranger), Keith Baker (drill), Mike Davis (coord.), Scott Toosley (guard dir.), John Langham (guard), Jeff Poignee (battery), Kenyn Brown (battery), Jessie Flannigan (pit), Bobby Wright (brass)203Nick Pyles, Emily Barker, Laura GentryMaria With a field show tied strongly to the music, which comes from different versions of "Ave Maria," the marching band has an intense performance schedule and will host the (St. Louis) Metro East Marching Classic on Sept. 11. Several other competitive festival appearances will serve as tools to continually push the program to the next level. But for O'Fallon, the emphasis is on the tight integration of music with the visuals. "The marching band is great due to our excellent concert band program," one student said. "This spring, the wind ensemble will perform at the IMEA All-State Conference 2011." Band also plans a trip to Florida this year.
Oak Lawn CommOak Lawn (Community)    
Oak Park-River ForestOak Park (O.P.-River Forest)Anthony Svejda  Chaos Theory 3 movements: I. Random Conditions II. The Butterfly Effect III. Eventual Order
OblongOblongKen Strieby  King of PopSelections (all recorded originally by Michael Jackson): "I Want You Back," "Moonwalkin'," "Billie Jean," "I'll Be There," and "ABC."
Okaw ValleyBethany (Okaw Valley)Jacqueline Evers30 Spirits of the NightDirector started last spring, but this is her first marching season with the band.
OlympiaStanford (Olympia)Kyle Brubaker  Piano Man: The Music of Billy Joelnew director, formerly at Woodruff in Peoria (which was closed at the end of the 2009-10 school year).
OregonOregonAndy Eckardt43 Rated E for Everyone
OrionOrionKatie Lyphout  Believe!new director
OswegoOswego (H.S.)Stephanie Silosky160 The Music of Stevie Wondernon-competitive ... all-volunteer marching band
Ottawa TwpOttawa (Twp.)Sarah Reckmeyer100 Show-Style Band: Songs Change Every Football Gamenon-competitive ... music changes for every football game (3 of the 4 songs, anyway), said Sarah Reckmeyer, the band's director. Band uses no flags in the drill and provides a new song each football game for the school's dance line/pom squad. The final performance will be a themed, choreographed show with costumes: "I usually consult with the students for ideas and have not finalized this yet for this year." she said.
PanaPana (H.S.)Michael Dean  I See You: The Music of Avatar
Paris CooperativeParisDaniel Tripp  Piano Man: The Music of Billy Joel
Paxton-Buckley-LodaPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)Timothy Hess, Beth Nuss73Hannah BlumA Tribute to New OrleansThe show features a compilation of dixieland tunes to honor the city of New Orleans, including "Tiger Rag," "Just a Closer Walk with Thee," and "Basin Street Blues." No tribute to the Crescent City would be complete, though, without "When the Saints Go Marching In." The band has scheduled a trip to New Orleans this school year.
PekinPekinKarli Skelton  Vitruvian Man
PeotonePeotoneAdam Rusek60 South of the Border: A Journey through Latin AmericaMusic includes "Estancia" by Dawson, "Echano" by Mangione, "Novus" by Santana, and "Land of Make Believe" by Mangione.
PinckneyvillePinckneyvilleStephen Cannedy  Piano Man
Plainfield CentralPlainfield (Central)Dan Valkema, Moulee Dutta  Carmen
Plainfield EastPlainfield (East)David Lesniak  Disney's Fantasmic!
Plainfield NorthPlainfield (North)Steven Pyter, Jason LaVallee Brittany Koster, Andrea Sakleh, Kyle LawellShall We Dance?Show features music by Richard Saucedo, Piotr Illych Tchaikovsky, and Danny Elfman.
Plainfield SouthPlainfield (South)Jerrod Cook   
Pleasant PlainsPleasant PlainsCaitlin McGovern   
Pontiac TownshipPontiacKeith Schmink  Appalachian Spring
Prairie CentralFairbury (Prairie Central)Lesa Kline  Afrika
Prairie RidgeCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)Tim Blakewell118 The Music of Steely DanCore members of Steely Dan, an American rock band, are Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. The band was popular in the late 70s, with a style characterized by the use of horns to combine jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and pop. Both members attended and met at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, so in the song "My Old School," lyrics refer to "Annandale." This lyrical device, the use of real person and place names, occurred frequently in songs recorded by Steely Dan. In music theory circles, though, it wasn't the lyrics of Steely Dan that made them famous. Rather, it was their exploration of harmonies that were new to the world of pop. For example, they made heavy use of "add 2" major chords, where the supertonic was added to the traditional three-note major triad: "C add 2" would be made up of the notes C, D, E, and G. Another harmonic technique given great play in the music of Steely Dan was the so-called "slash chord," where the normal bass note, usually the root of the triad, would not actually be in the bass. These chords get their name because they are written on lead charts as "E/A" for instance, which tells the performer to play an E Major triad (E, G#, B) but to put an A in the bass. This would create a great deal of tension between the bass and the G#, especially, and force a nearly automatic resolution of the harmony, probably in this case, to an A Major triad, leaving the A in the bass.
ProphetstownProphetstownJane Davis   
ProspectMt. Prospect (Prospect)Chris Barnum Christopher Enter, Jessica Kreidler, Patrick MoranAway above the Chimney Tops
Providence CatholicNew Lenox (Providence Catholic)Robert Sanchez65 One Nation Under God
QuincyQuincy (Sr.)Chris Beason   
RamseyRamseyMegan McPeak   
RantoulRantoulBryan Reynolds   new director
ReavisBurbank (Reavis)Andrew Davis   
Resurrection-Notre DameChicago (Resurrection)    
Rich CentralOlympia Fields (Rich Central)Phillip Crews   
Richmond-BurtonRichmond (R.-Burton)Rich Stiles  Eclipse: Journey into Darknessformer director, Jeremy Figlewicz, now at West Bloomfield (Mich.) HS.
RidgeviewColfax (Ridgeview)Anthony Marchese  Guitar Hero
Roanoke-BensonRoanoke (R.-Benson)Steve Hayes  Thriller
RobinsonRobinsonJoe Smith, Alissa Wayman60 The Divine Comedy3 movements: I. The Inferno II. Purgatorio III. The Ascension/ Paradison
RochesterRochesterDennis Jones  El Matador: Estancia, Children of Sanchez, Novus, Land of Make Believe
Rock FallsRock FallsElizabeth Judd, Ramiro Martinez (perc), Shelia Louineau (guard)60Olivia Watson, Brian DiazTommyThe original rock opera recorded by The Who in 1969, tells the story of a young boy, Tommy Walker, cast into a catatonic state after witnessing a murder. Tommy's parents, Capt. and Mrs. Walker, fight against odds to bring normalcy back to their son's life, but he is deaf, blind, and mute. His ability to play pinball, however, launches him into a world of fame and fortune across England. The rock opera was reinvented as a musical in the '80s, according to reviews in the Boston Globe and Chicago Sun-Times . "It's really about kids being able to feel like [they are part of] a professional production ... where the end product is only equal to what they put in," the Globe quoted one high school student as saying about the storyline. "The music highlights the important moments of the rock opera, and musically we are hoping to conjure up those images for the audience," said director Elizabeth Judd of the Rock Falls 2010 field show. For example, in "Pinball Wizard," Part III, "the trumpets play the rhythm followed by the low brass and woodwinds hitting the awesome bass chord that ushers in the melody," she said. Visually, the band straps a pinball machine replica to their guard captain in order to illustrate Tommy breaking free from his deaf, blind, and mute life. "They come out during the fanfare, and we hope the pinballs and the music elicit a great response from the audience," Ms Judd said.
Rock IslandRock Island (H.S.)Peter Carlin, Michael Tollanaer, Ashley Wilson Sarah Koppenhoefer, Michaela Garrison, Alysha McElroy-HodgesThe Dot and the Lineshow subtitle: A Romance in Lower Mathematics.
Rockford ChristianRockford (R. Christian)Vicki Hastings0 (no marching band)Rockford Christian, with enrollment ~384, has no marching band, Vicki Hastings confirmed by email, Aug. 17.
RockridgeTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)Jake Walker   
Rolling MeadowsRolling MeadowsChristopher Buti  Pyramids of Egypt
RomeovilleRomeoville (H.S.)Clark Anderson, Adam Hill Stacey Depluzer, Lydia Montemayor, Melanie WashingtonFabric of TimeMovements include Tyranny of the Clock, Standing Still, and Accelerating Future.
Round LakeRound LakeKrista Millard, Jamie Dormody (guard)40 A New Color Guard Feature Every Time The marching band at Round Lake focuses on entertaining the home football crowd, director Krista Millard said. Therefore, there's really no central theme for the band's field show—unless you count the pure entertainment produced by the small and dedicated corps. "We play our two school songs while marching drill," she said, adding that a different pop tune is incorporated into the halftime show each week as a color guard feature.
ROWVAOneida (ROWVA)Justin Haynes65 The Music of Michael Jackson
Rushville-IndustryRushville (R.-Industry)Jody Worthington, Jordan Van Dyke (perc), Becky Jones (auxiliary)90Marcus Roegge, Brooke DoolinAfter Midnight"It's a take on monsters and the eeriness that goes on after midnight," says director Jody Worthington. Songs include "Sleepy Hollow," "Come Out and Play," "Frankenstein," "Jitters," and "Phantasm."
Salem CommunitySalemJohn Haney61 Heartbeat"Each movement depicts an emotion of the heart," John Haney said.
SandburgOrland Park (Sandburg)Stewart Bailey   
SandwichSandwichTodd Schultz   
Sangamon ValleyNiantic (Sangamon Valley)Nathan Wheeler  Africa
SenecaSenecaMark Victor44 The Blues Brothers
SerenaSerenaGeoffrey Pierce30 (no field show)parades only ... for example, this year, the Dwight Harvest Days Parade and the Grundy County Corn Fest.
ShelbyvilleShelbyvilleEmma Burrows  Harlem Nightsnew director
ShepardPalos Heights (Shepard)Christopher Pitlik  Romantic Relics
SpartaSpartaRobert Jasper32 Journey
SpringfieldSpringfield (H.S.)Kelly Goldberg125 Spies R Usmusic includes "Secret Agent Man" and themes from Get Smart , Mission Impossible , and the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only .
St. Charles NorthSt. Charles (North)Brian J. Wis200 (halftime entertainment and parades) Named a National Blue Ribbon school on Sept. 9, 2010. The school has a large marching band. Marching band does not participate in competitions and follows a collegiate marching style. Band members provide energetic team support during football games and have a pre-game song list that includes about 20 tunes. The band will continue to tighten up its role on the sidelines in its "efforts to be the best football band in the state of Illinois!" director Brian Wis said.
St. Joseph-OgdenSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)Chris Strong  The Pirates of the Caribbean
St. Rita of CasciaChicago (St. Rita)Cindy Gradek55 Music from The Blues Brothers "Tonight only, the fabulous Blues Brothers," declares Elwood in the 1980 smash hit The Blues Brothers , starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. "Rhythm and Blues review. The Palace Hotel Ballroom. Route 16. Lake Wazzapamani. The fabulous Blues Brothers show band and review." As you may recall, the movie had several scenes that involved people who had chosen to lead a religious life. Sometimes it poked fun at them, but the movie was ultimately respectful of a calling to a religious life. The Archdiocese of Chicago moved St Rita High School from its home at 63rd and Claremont to the campus of Quigley South Seminary, which the archdiocese then closed, at 77th and Western after the 1989-90 school year. Priests used to learn how to become priests in the halls students now walk at St. Rita. But alas, that's old news: it happened before any of the school's current students were even born. How far we've come since then in our ability to laugh at ourselves! It's a good sign, a message from the lights of heaven, I would say. And it is embodied in the students of St. Rita, their teachers, and a school with a storied tradition. It brings to mind another scene from the film upon which the band's show is based: Jake and Elwood are standing in front of a church, watching the service inside, which features a lot of holy-roller, Hallelujah Chorus singing, dancing, and celebrating. A light shines down on Jake from the heavens, leading to an epiphany: Jake: The band? The band. Reverend Cleophus James: DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT? Jake: THE BAND! Rev. James: DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT? Elwood: What light? Rev. James: HAVE YOU SEEEEN THE LIGHT? Jake: YES! YES! JESUS H. TAP-DANCING CHRIST... I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! We get it. The band is the light. St Rita shows us.
St. Thomas MoreChampaign (St. Thomas More)Nick Stefanic0 (no marching band)
St. ViatorArlington Heights (St. Viator)Thomas E Seaman0 (no marching band)Athletic field, used by football and soccer after school, doesn't have lights for use by a marching band, even after the athletic practices, director of bands, Thomas Seaman confirmed by email, Aug. 17. The school therefore does not have a marching band. Furthermore, band meets in two separate class periods during the school day, which makes practicing a marching drill during that time a practical impossibility. "Before school does not work as students are not available due to early classes and ride conflicts (being private, we have no busing)," he wrote. "We are not allowed to put lights on the athletic fields so we cannot practice after football and soccer and the school will not allow us to put lines on the parking lot. "If your survey provides any results that may help me, please forward them along."
StaggPalos Hills (Stagg)Bob Mecozzi, Jim Colombo90Kat Scarim, Emma Husar, Lauren BacaThe Roaring TwentiesThe music includes "Alexander's Ragtime Band," "All of Me," and the old-time American folk song, "St. James Infirmary Blues." The story starts at the end of World War I and proceeds into topics of the '20s: suffrage, jazz club/Harlem, the Charleston dance craze, and the stock market crash of 1929.
StauntonStauntonJennifer Koehne  I Love the 80snew director
StevensonLincolnshire (Stevenson)Jeff Slepak   Co-curricular marching band and color guard performs state-of-the-art music and drills at halftime during football games. They also perform in parades.
Streator TownshipStreator (Twp.)Tim Karth  School Daze
SullivanSullivanRyan Krapf  Open Arms: Music of the 80s Rock Group Journey
SycamoreSycamore (H.S.)Ken Goodman, Becky Olsen, Linda Kocjan (guard)100 Flashback: Hits of the 70s and 80sMusic includes "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, "Open Arms" by Journey, and "Rockin' the Paradise" from the triple-platinum 1981 album Paradise Theatre by the group Styx, as well as a medley of Billy Joel songs, including "My Life": They will tell you you can't sleep alone   in a strange place. Then they'll tell you you can't sleep   with somebody else. Oh but sooner or later you sleep   in your own space. Either way it's OK,   you wake up with yourself.
TaylorvilleTaylorvilleChris Gunn   
Thornton Fractional SouthLansing (Thornton Fractional South)Mike Madonia  Take Flight
ThornwoodSouth Holland (Thornwood)Paul Anderson   
Tri-ValleyDowns (Tri-Valley)Dan Marcotte77 Stan and the TV Band: The Music of the Stan Kenton Orchestra US Education Dept awarded a Blue Ribbon to Tri-Valley on Sept. 9. It's one of about 304 Blue Ribbon schools around the country that are "doing a great job of raising achievement and building a college-going culture for all students," a White House deputy press secretary said. From our perspective, the big news at Tri-Valley, though, is the level of student involvement in the marching program. They march about 77 students this fall, and the student enrollment at the school is 326. That gives Dan Marcotte's marching band a phenomenal participation rate of 23.6 percent, one of the highest in Illinois. Music includes "Artistry in Rhythm," "Pegasus," "Cuban Pete," and Ernesto Lecuona's "Malagueña." Concert band was recognized to perform at the University of Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival in May 2010, director Dan Marcotte acknowledged.
TriadTroy (Triad)Evan Hinds, Dennis Carter96 Ozbased on all three: The Wizard of Oz , The Wiz , and Wicked .
United TownshipEast Moline (United)Dave Maccabee, Katie Lyphout Montana Farrell, Cassandra ThorngrenBelief: A Matter of TrustMusic draws from "The Promise of Living" by Aaron Copland, "Angels in the Architecture" by Frank Ticheli, and Bieble's setting of "Ave Maria."
Unity (Tolono)Tolono (Unity)William Jean, Tonya Ayers (guard)77 Styx2nd year in competition ... big drum solo in the closer ... The drill "directly reflects music intensity and style," director William Jean said. "Music is aggressive and energetic." About that drum solo, look for sudden changes in the speed of the drill. The color guard also changes up the color scheme of the flags, as they connect with the music of this classic rock band.
University (Normal)Normal (University)Jason Landes, David Sulzberger Aaron Tuttle, Kambria Vance, Cymone WilderThe ClimbParts include Ascent, Summit, and Descent.
UrbanaUrbana (H.S.)Darren Hicks  The Music of Stan KentonNew director takes over for Leif Hall, whose job was cut for budget reasons.
VandaliaVandaliaTony Hicks   
Vernon HillsVernon HillsRandy Sundell0 (no marching band)2010 National Blue Ribbon school, awarded Sept. 9. The school has a pep band only.
Warren TownshipGurnee (Warren)Christopher Jenkins, Kurt Gros, Drew Russell300Mercedes Harris, Kristin Capizzi, Kadijah Kellogg, Lauren RevisIn the Hall of the Mountain KingThree movements: In a Darkened Hall, Masked by Shadows, and Mountain King.
Washington CommunityWashingtonJim Tallman, Lisa Parrott, Bob Barker (perc), Keri Bowles (guard), Ashley Stewart (marching)165Sarah Bivens, Aaron Walker, Kathryn PillischafskeThe Music of JourneyThe band Journey recorded 189 songs, by most estimates. Included in the field show for Washington Community are "Separate Ways," "Open Arms," and "Any Way You Want It."
WaterlooWaterloo (H.S.)Michael Mullins   
Watseka CommunityWatsekaEric Parmenter Logan Newkirk, Emma NewkirkSpectrumMusic includes the movements Red, Blue, White, and Gold.
Waubonsie ValleyAurora (Waubonsie Valley)Joshua Chodoroff Lizzy Yorka, John O'Neill, Aparna SrinathHalosMusic drawn from "In the Spting, at the Time When Kings Go Off to War" by David Holsinger and "Sketches on a Tudor Psalm" by Fisher Tull.
WaukeganWaukegan (H.S.)Josh Kumpala   
WesclinTrenton (Wesclin)Rodney Washburn, Brittani Adair (guard), Brandon Lee (percussion), Jacob Henss (percussion)40Kelley JohnsonThe Race
West AuroraAurora (West)John Sierakowski250 My Kind of Townnon-competitive ... some music inspired by the city of Chicago
WesternBarry (Western)Frank Cook   
WestmontWestmontMatthew P. Bufis53 Chicagobased on the band, not the musical ... Mr Bufis presents students with 5 or 10 options each year, and they pick the show they want to do ... this was their choice ... 12 auxiliary (flags) and 10 percussionists are included in student number band is non-competitive ... "We do two parades, one in the fall and one in the spring, and five football games," Mr Bufis said.
WestvilleWestvilleChristopher Bontjes   
WethersfieldKewanee (Wethersfield)Jay Hagaman   
Wheaton NorthWheaton (North)Jon Noworyta Lindsay Thill, Cole ManschotPrison of the Mind
Wheaton Warrenville SouthWheaton (W. Warrenville South)Vic Scimeca Leah DudakSimunye (We Are One) 3 movements: 1. Nuut Day (New Day) 2. Soen Liefde Newelik (Kiss, Love, Marriage) 3. Gelukkig Selebrasie (Happy Celebration)
WheelingWheelingBrian Logan, Andrew Sturgeon, Mark Hiebert112Chelsie Coran, Adlema Ragudo, Chris SchwarzMetamorphosis Paul Hindemith's Symphony in B-flat for Concert Band is often considered a landmark work. There wasn't much of a market for wind ensemble music 60 years ago, so composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries tended to write for orchestra, opera, chamber ensembles, or basically for any group that would pay them. Hindemith, however, who had emigrated from Germany to escape Hitler's tyranny, was different. But this work, which gets prominent attention in Wheeling's show, aptly titled "Metamorphosis," represents not only a metamorphosis in the beauty, precision, and acceptance of music for winds, but also a transformation in Hindemith's works. He finished writing it in 1951, and it was first performed by the US Army band "Pershing's Own" on April 5, 1951, in Washington, D.C. Wheeling's show also includes Hindemith's Concerto (Konzertmuzik) for Brass and Strings , Op. 50 (1930), and his Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes of Weber (1943). Where else did you think the title came from? About the titular work, Hindemith was approached by a ballet choreographer, Léonide Massine, to compose music for a ballet based on the work of composer Carl Maria von Weber. But when Hindemith saw Massine's choreography, he decided to take a pass, leading him to compose the Symphonic Metamorphoses instead. More complete program notes about the work, published by the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra, can be found here . Hindemith would certainly find Wheeling's choreography—or rather, drill—much more acceptable. It comes direct from Pete Weber (no relation, as far as we know). Band director Brian Logan said the Mr Weber who is still alive in the 21st century had written drill for the Santa Clara Vanguard in the past. Dwayne Rice, another drum corps veteran, arranged the music of the 20th-century master.
WilmingtonWilmingtonEllen Georgeff   
WinchesterWinchesterAndrew Patton7 (no field show)pep band only ... plays from the stands during football games
WindsorWindsorStephanie Kinkley   
WoodstockWoodstock (H.S.)Cody Halberstadt0 (no marching band)
Woodstock NorthWoodstock (North) 0 (no marching band)School started varsity football in the 2009-10 school year (a year ago) and adds a senior class only this year. Enrollment is a little more than 900 students.
YorkvilleYorkvilleVictor Anderson