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We believe our research and writing to be getting better all the time. We strive to cover Illinois schools as well as the New York Times, for example, covers world news. If you keep on doing it, we'll keep on writing about it. Of course, our style is more like that of public television, since we don't accept any advertising dollars except in cases where schools are publishing their own content under our flag in order to help with fundraising. But we still need to know what you want us to research and write about. So, we're asking. We also need to know how we're doing so we can continuously improve our service to our students, schools, and communities.

Contact Information

Please send an email to our executive editor, Paul Katula, at We will diligently work to make corrections, fix any error, or follow up on important news.

You can also call (630) 863-5871. Email would be faster, though. Paul is currently on assignment for the Maryland State Department of Education in Lansing, Mich. If shipping is required, his current shipping address is Paul Katula - Guest, Hampton Inn Lansing, 525 North Canal Road, Lansing, MI 48917. If a telephone number is required on the shipping label, use (517) 627-8381. A fax is available at the hotel as well; the number is (517) 626-5072.

Occasionally, we make use of stringers, who shoot pictures or cover stories for us. Those people will carry appropriate identification, and their names and dates of service will be listed here.

Current stringers:


Other contact information (for different aspects of Voxitatis):

Thank you, once again, for your input.

Annual Projects

We run editorial projects on this site all the time. Most of them last for about a month on the front page, but they remain available in our archives. Projects and start dates for the rest of this year:

Continuously Updated Education Widgets

We present here the headlines from national and international sources of news in education. If you have a subscription to Education Week, you will be able to read full articles from the links in the widgets below. Or, you can read the lead paragraphs by clicking on the links. Some stories in other sources can be read without a subscription, but some actually will require a login or free registration.