Voxitatis Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

We are happy to provide RSS feeds for our content. These are commonly used on mobile devices, and even on browsers that tend to work better with text than with graphics. These direct news feeds also allow you to go straight to the headlines, seeing the most recent changes and updates to our site right at the top of your list.

At the present time, RSS feed is provided for all active channels. This combines our most recent headlines from "Science and Math in the News," "Illinois School and District News," "Schools Around the Country," and "Front Page News" into a single news feed.

During the football season, our Active Channel Feed also includes updates to the "Football" and "Marching Band" sections of our site.

The feed will provide stories only, and will not list comments. At the present time, the comments sections (entered by users of the site) are not active enough to warrant the effort of providing a feed. However, the plan is to provide a feed for each football conference and for all schools as soon as the comments sections deserve that kind of effort from us.

To subscribe to our Active Channel Feed, take two steps. First, click on the link below that will deliver the RSS feed in XML format to your browser. Your browser will advise you of what to do next. Second, click on the link in your browser to subscribe to the feed. It will then add our feed to your list of feeds.

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