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School Name (IHSA)Academic YearTitle WonEnrollment Class
Winnetka (New Trier East)1978-79Girls' Swimming and Diving 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1977-78Boys' GolfAA
Winnetka (New Trier East)1974-75ChessAA
Winnetka (New Trier East)1974-75Girls' Volleyball 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1966-67Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1966-67Boys' Tennis 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1965-66Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1965-66Boys' Swimming and Diving 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1964-65Boys' Swimming and Diving 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1964-65Boys' Tennis 

Titles listed: 10.

School Name (IHSA)Academic YearTitle WonEnrollment Class
El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)2014-15Boys' Golf1A
Hinsdale (Central)2014-15Boys' Golf3A
Morton2014-15Boys' Golf2A
El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)2013-14Boys' Golf1A
Hinsdale (Central)2013-14Boys' Golf3A
Rockford (Boylan Catholic)2013-14Boys' Golf2A
Belleville (Althoff Catholic)2012-13Boys' Golf2A
Hinsdale (Central)2012-13Boys' Golf3A
Winnetka (North Shore Country Day)2012-13Boys' Golf1A
Belleville (Althoff Catholic)2011-12Boys' Golf2A
Lake Forest (H.S.)2011-12Boys' Golf3A
Winnetka (North Shore Country Day)2011-12Boys' Golf1A
Lake Forest (H.S.)2010-11Boys' Golf3A
Mahomet (M.-Seymour)2010-11Boys' Golf2A
Mt. Carmel2010-11Boys' Golf1A
Arlington Heights (St. Viator)2009-10Boys' Golf3A
Effingham (St. Anthony)2009-10Boys' Golf1A
Normal (University)2009-10Boys' Golf2A
West Chicago (Wheaton Academy)2009-10Boys' Golf2A
Arlington Heights (St. Viator)2008-09Boys' Golf3A
Champaign (St. Thomas More)2008-09Boys' Golf1A
Normal (University)2008-09Boys' Golf2A
Arlington Heights (St. Viator)2007-08Boys' Golf3A
Byron2007-08Boys' Golf1A
Normal (University)2007-08Boys' Golf2A
Metropolis (Massac County)2006-07Boys' GolfA
Normal (University)2006-07Boys' GolfAA
Normal (University)2005-06Boys' GolfAA
Peoria (P. Christian)2005-06Boys' GolfA
Lake Forest (H.S.)2004-05Boys' GolfAA
Normal (University)2004-05Boys' GolfA
Normal (University)2003-04Boys' GolfA
Winnetka (New Trier)2003-04Boys' GolfAA
Effingham (St. Anthony)2002-03Boys' GolfA
Rockford (Boylan Catholic)2002-03Boys' GolfAA
Effingham (St. Anthony)2001-02Boys' GolfA
Wilmette (Loyola Academy)2001-02Boys' GolfAA
Kankakee (McNamara)2000-01Boys' GolfA
Wilmette (Loyola Academy)2000-01Boys' GolfAA
Fairbury (Prairie Central)1999-00Boys' GolfA
Lake Forest (H.S.)1999-00Boys' GolfAA
Rochester1999-00Boys' GolfA
Havana1998-99Boys' GolfA
Quincy (Notre Dame)1998-99Boys' GolfA
St. Charles (H.S.)1998-99Boys' GolfAA
Quincy (Notre Dame)1997-98Boys' GolfA
Winnetka (New Trier)1997-98Boys' GolfAA
Normal (University)1996-97Boys' GolfA
Wilmette (Loyola Academy)1996-97Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1995-96Boys' GolfA
Winnetka (New Trier)1995-96Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1994-95Boys' GolfA
Naperville (North)1994-95Boys' GolfAA
Breese (Mater Dei)1993-94Boys' GolfA
Pekin1993-94Boys' GolfAA
Barrington1992-93Boys' GolfAA
Kankakee (McNamara)1992-93Boys' GolfA
Normal (University)1991-92Boys' GolfA
St. Charles (H.S.)1991-92Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1990-91Boys' GolfA
Quincy (Sr.)1990-91Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1989-90Boys' GolfA
Naperville (North)1989-90Boys' GolfAA
Champaign (Centennial)1988-89Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1988-89Boys' GolfA
Monmouth (H.S.)1987-88Boys' GolfA
St. Charles (H.S.)1987-88Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1986-87Boys' GolfA
Wilmette (Loyola Academy)1986-87Boys' GolfAA
Monmouth (H.S.)1985-86Boys' GolfA
Rockford (Guilford)1985-86Boys' GolfAA
Aledo1984-85Boys' GolfA
St. Charles (H.S.)1984-85Boys' GolfAA
Dunlap1983-84Boys' GolfA
Rockford (Guilford)1983-84Boys' GolfAA
Pittsfield1982-83Boys' GolfA
Winnetka (New Trier)1982-83Boys' GolfAA
Danville (H.S.)1981-82Boys' GolfAA
Elgin (St. Edward)1981-82Boys' GolfA
Crystal Lake (South)1980-81Boys' GolfAA
Dwight1980-81Boys' GolfA
Carmi1979-80Boys' GolfA
Springfield (Griffin)1979-80Boys' GolfAA
Carmi1978-79Boys' GolfA
Springfield (Griffin)1978-79Boys' GolfAA
Carmi1977-78Boys' GolfA
Winnetka (New Trier East)1977-78Boys' GolfAA
Carmi1976-77Boys' GolfA
Mt. Prospect (Prospect)1976-77Boys' GolfAA
Carmi1975-76Boys' GolfA
Rockford (Guilford)1975-76Boys' GolfAA
Rockford (Guilford)1974-75Boys' Golf 
Pekin1973-74Boys' Golf 
Belleville (West)1972-73Boys' Golf 
Galesburg (H.S.)1971-72Boys' Golf 
Belleville (West)1970-71Boys' Golf 
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)1969-70Boys' Golf 
Belleville (West)1968-69Boys' Golf 
Glenview (Glenbrook South)1967-68Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1966-67Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier East)1965-66Boys' Golf 
Bloomington (H.S.)1964-65Boys' Golf 
Bloomington (H.S.)1963-64Boys' Golf 
Galesburg (H.S.)1962-63Boys' Golf 
Peoria (Richwoods)1961-62Boys' Golf 
Hinsdale (Twp.)1960-61Boys' Golf 
Peoria (Richwoods)1959-60Boys' Golf 
Highland Park1958-59Boys' Golf 
Joliet (Catholic Academy)1957-58Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1956-57Boys' Golf 
Arlington Heights (Arlington)1955-56Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier)1954-55Boys' Golf 
Hinsdale (Twp.)1953-54Boys' Golf 
Highland Park1952-53Boys' Golf 
Highland Park1951-52Boys' Golf 
Winnetka (New Trier)1950-51Boys' Golf 
Champaign (H.S.)1949-50Boys' Golf 
Kewanee (H.S.)1948-49Boys' Golf 
Highland Park (Deerfield-Shields)1947-48Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1946-47Boys' Golf 
Hinsdale (Twp.)1945-46Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1944-45Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1943-44Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1942-43Boys' Golf 
Rockford (East)1941-42Boys' Golf 
Rockford (West)1940-41Boys' Golf 
Highland Park (Deerfield-Shields)1939-40Boys' Golf 
LaGrange (Lyons)1938-39Boys' Golf 
Peoria (H.S.)1937-38Boys' Golf 

Titles listed: 129.

School Name (IHSA)EventTitles WonFirstLast
Normal (University) (1)Boys' Golf91991-922009-10
Monmouth (H.S.) (2)Boys' Golf81985-861995-96
Rockford (East) (3)Boys' Golf61941-421956-57
Winnetka (New Trier) (4)Boys' Golf61950-512003-04
Carmi (5)Boys' Golf51975-761979-80
Lake Forest (H.S.) (6)Boys' Golf41999-002011-12
Rockford (Guilford) (7)Boys' Golf41974-751985-86
St. Charles (H.S.) (8)Boys' Golf41984-851998-99
Wilmette (Loyola Academy) (9)Boys' Golf41986-872001-02
Arlington Heights (St. Viator) (10)Boys' Golf32007-082009-10
Belleville (West) (11)Boys' Golf31968-691972-73
Effingham (St. Anthony) (12)Boys' Golf32001-022009-10
Highland Park (13)Boys' Golf31951-521958-59
Hinsdale (Central) (14)Boys' Golf32012-132014-15
Hinsdale (Twp.) (15)Boys' Golf31945-461960-61
Winnetka (New Trier East) (16)Boys' Golf31965-661977-78
Belleville (Althoff Catholic) (17)Boys' Golf22011-122012-13
Bloomington (H.S.) (18)Boys' Golf21963-641964-65
El Paso (E.P.-Gridley) (19)Boys' Golf22013-142014-15
Galesburg (H.S.) (20)Boys' Golf21962-631971-72
Highland Park (Deerfield-Shields) (21)Boys' Golf21939-401947-48
Kankakee (McNamara) (22)Boys' Golf21992-932000-01
Naperville (North) (23)Boys' Golf21989-901994-95
Pekin (24)Boys' Golf21973-741993-94
Peoria (Richwoods) (25)Boys' Golf21959-601961-62
Quincy (Notre Dame) (26)Boys' Golf21997-981998-99
Rockford (Boylan Catholic) (27)Boys' Golf22002-032013-14
Springfield (Griffin) (28)Boys' Golf21978-791979-80
Winnetka (North Shore Country Day) (29)Boys' Golf22011-122012-13

Schools listed: 29.