IHSA Championship Details for Roselle (Lake Park)
Highlighting State Titles Won in Girls' Bowling

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School Name (IHSA)Academic YearTitle WonEnrollment Class
Roselle (Lake Park)2013-14Competitive Dance3A
Roselle (Lake Park)2012-13Boys' Track and Field3A
Roselle (Lake Park)2011-12Boys' Track and Field3A
Roselle (Lake Park)2010-11Boys' Track and Field3A
Roselle (Lake Park)2010-11Competitive CheerleadingC
Roselle (Lake Park)2009-10Boys' Track and Field3A
Roselle (Lake Park)2008-09Boys' Bowling 
Roselle (Lake Park)1996-97Boys' Track and FieldAA
Roselle (Lake Park)1994-95Girls' Bowling 
Roselle (Lake Park)1986-87Girls' Bowling 

Titles listed: 10.

School Name (IHSA)Academic YearTitle WonEnrollment Class
Lockport (Twp.)2014-15Girls' Bowling 
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)2013-14Girls' Bowling 
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)2012-13Girls' Bowling 
Tinley Park (Andrew)2011-12Girls' Bowling 
Machesney Park (Harlem)2010-11Girls' Bowling 
Collinsville2009-10Girls' Bowling 
Lockport (Twp.)2008-09Girls' Bowling 
Rockford (Jefferson)2007-08Girls' Bowling 
Winnebago2006-07Girls' Bowling 
Hoffman Estates (H.S.)2005-06Girls' Bowling 
Machesney Park (Harlem)2004-05Girls' Bowling 
Schaumburg (H.S.)2003-04Girls' Bowling 
Sycamore (H.S.)2002-03Girls' Bowling 
Machesney Park (Harlem)2001-02Girls' Bowling 
Machesney Park (Harlem)2000-01Girls' Bowling 
Machesney Park (Harlem)1999-00Girls' Bowling 
Lockport (Twp.)1998-99Girls' Bowling 
Oswego (H.S.)1997-98Girls' Bowling 
Rockford (East)1996-97Girls' Bowling 
Streamwood1995-96Girls' Bowling 
Roselle (Lake Park)1994-95Girls' Bowling 
Lockport (Twp.)1993-94Girls' Bowling 
Streamwood1992-93Girls' Bowling 
Palatine (H.S.)1991-92Girls' Bowling 
East Moline (United)1990-91Girls' Bowling 
Lansing (Thornton Fractional South)1989-90Girls' Bowling 
Bensenville (Fenton)1988-89Girls' Bowling 
Bensenville (Fenton)1987-88Girls' Bowling 
Roselle (Lake Park)1986-87Girls' Bowling 
DeKalb1985-86Girls' Bowling 
Bensenville (Fenton)1984-85Girls' Bowling 
Olympia Fields (Rich Central)1983-84Girls' Bowling 
Olympia Fields (Rich Central)1982-83Girls' Bowling 
Dixon (H.S.)1981-82Girls' Bowling 
DeKalb1980-81Girls' Bowling 
Olympia Fields (Rich Central)1979-80Girls' Bowling 
Abingdon1978-79Girls' Bowling 
Arlington Heights (Forest View)1977-78Girls' Bowling 
Arlington Heights (Forest View)1976-77Girls' Bowling 
Abingdon1975-76Girls' Bowling 
Dixon (H.S.)1974-75Girls' Bowling 
Arlington Heights (Forest View)1973-74Girls' Bowling 
Abingdon1972-73Girls' Bowling 

Titles listed: 43.

School Name (IHSA)EventTitles WonFirstLast
Machesney Park (Harlem) (1)Girls' Bowling51999-002010-11
Lockport (Twp.) (2)Girls' Bowling41993-942014-15
Abingdon (3)Girls' Bowling31972-731978-79
Arlington Heights (Forest View) (4)Girls' Bowling31973-741977-78
Bensenville (Fenton) (5)Girls' Bowling31984-851988-89
Olympia Fields (Rich Central) (6)Girls' Bowling31979-801983-84
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) (7)Girls' Bowling22012-132013-14
DeKalb (8)Girls' Bowling21980-811985-86
Dixon (H.S.) (9)Girls' Bowling21974-751981-82
Roselle (Lake Park) (10)Girls' Bowling21986-871994-95
Streamwood (11)Girls' Bowling21992-931995-96

Schools listed: 11.